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​​Hello, my name is Justin Church and I am a Freelance Engineer and Inventor. I am located and based within the Coastal Region of Eastern North Carolina. For the most part, I have spent the past several years prudently studying alternative energy. After countless hours of research and development, I was able to open source how-to plans and manufacture several of these unique devices.

All of the energy related products ​feature one of a kind and innovative designs that correlates to the field of alternative energy technologies. I am thankful to all for your willingness to open you mind and see the world from a different perspective, a much cleaner world. : )

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      Countless hours of research and development goes into every product that we offer. All items are built to the highest of standards with quality, durability, and functionality as key components considered in every final design. Each item must also meet strict affordability guidelines which will help provide access to a much broader spectrum of individuals. I hope you enjoy the merchandise and remember to bookmark JdcProducts.com for future updates.

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